CBD and Mixed Martial Arts, pt. 1

CBD and Mixed Martial Arts, pt. 1

“No pain, no gain.” This phrase couldn’t be more prevalent in today's world. Superstar athletes are training to reach a levels used to be just a dream. Injuries such as sprains, muscle spasms, inflammation, and even post career injuries are an everyday struggle that these pristine athletes deal with. At such a high intensity, staying injury free is no small task.   

As a result of this growing epidemic, numerous athletes are beginning to turn to a natural alternative, CBD. Also known as cannabidiol, it’s a naturally derived compound from hemp and cannabis. This differentiates with the other cannabinoid, THC, the compound notoriously known for its psychoactive effect. CBD formulated products are becoming increasingly popular because of its non-psychoactive properties, thus many people are encouraged to buy CBD products online or offline instead of using over the counter medicines.

This will be our first installment of our two part series regarding MMA and the exciting world of CBD.

So what exactly is an Athlete's’ Perspective On CBD?

Everyone is familiar with the fastest growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts (MMA). Although a global sport, the highest division is found in the United States. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is comprised of many different divisions with a roster full of fighters. Chris Camozzi, a middleweight fighter in the UFC recently took his faith in CBD products to Reddit. Chris had a goal of shedding some light on some of the injuries he’s had over his career. Chris stated, “I've got an injury list that makes Suge Knight’s rap sheet look short and I suffered another one of those injuries in my last camp ahead of my fight against Dan Kelly.”

Chris also disclosed that he chose to treat this injury with CBD oil because in the past the conventional meds took a longer timeframe for recovery. As he was in the middle of training for a fight, Chris could not afford this type of setback. With 0% THC in CBD products, there is no possibility of failing a drug test. Camozzi confirmed he was tested during his training camp and passed. He released this statement in his Reddit post, “I was also tested by USADA during this camp. I passed my USADA test.” Chris was further encouraged to continue his use of CBD products do to the astonishment of his doctor. The training camp doctor told Chris in a follow up conversation regarding his injury, “I’ve never seen anyone recover from an injury this quickly.”

Heartland Holistics is a one stop shop for all aspiring athletes, current players, and even those who have already retired from their respective sports. CBD as an athletic supplement can not only help you overcome injuries sustained while playing the sport you love, but can also help to improve your overall health.

Make sure to tune into our blog next week as we speak about another MMA fighter's history with not only pain killers, but also CBD.

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