CBD for MMA Fighters, pt. 2

CBD for MMA Fighters, pt. 2

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Last week we began our two-part MMA series in regards to CBD. We spoke about Chris Camozzi and how CBD for MMA fighters help throughout their career. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the dark side of these superheroes. As Superman has his kryptonite, many athletes turn to the use of painkillers to deal with these injuries and subsequently become addicted.

One of these stories deals with former professional MMA fighter, Bas Rutten. Bas holds a long list of accomplishments. Perhaps the most notable one is becoming the UFC world heavyweight champion. Of course, with this impressive list of accomplishments, there's another mark on his list that Bas is not proud of. The world champion struggled with an addiction to painkillers. It got to the point where his doctor had to advise him against the use of Vicodin as the drug had taken such a toll on Bas’ liver. If there is any good that came out of this scenario, it was that Bas realized he had slipped into addiction. Here is how he described his own addiction and the influence of CBD:

cbd for mma fighters

“As for my own experiences with CBD, it saved me a lot of trouble after I realized that I had a painkiller problem that started after my last fight in 2006. About five weeks before the fight, all my injuries came back with a vengeance. It starts with one pill, then it becomes two, four, seven, ten, and slowly but surely, you are upping the count, and before you know it, you’re taking an insane amount of painkillers.” (Bas Rutten)

When asked about what could have been had CBD been around during his career, Rutten said: 

“What I want to say is that if there would have been CBD at that time, I might not have become addicted to painkillers. I really hope that all fighters and other athletes will use CBD instead of painkillers.”

The benefits of CBD as an athletic supplement is changing the dynamics of the training industry. More and more athletes such as Jake Plummer, an NFL quarterback for ten seasons, are advocating on behalf of CBD to allow the use of the oil for pain relief after experiencing positive experiences.

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