Does CBD Oil Work For Fitness?

Does CBD Oil Work For Fitness?

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In the athletic world, does CBD work for fitness? Sports are competitive and athletes are always looking for the next legal advantage they can gain over their competition. Just ask any college athlete!

CBD is not a FDA proven drug, but many believe that it helps athletes recover from injuries without compromising their ethics. CBD for MMA fighters, for example, is taking off because pro UFC fighters get injured all the time during their matches. According to studies, CBD is an anti-inflammatory which can help the muscle recovery process. Some believe that CBD oil for sports injury and physical maintenance is an all-natural substitute for painkillers. One of the most famous post fight conferences showed Nate Diaz using a vape pen to ingest CBD after his match versus Conor McGregor at UFC 202.

What Do You Think? Does CBD Work For Fitness?

Have you ever wondered what causes inflammation after workouts, matches, practices, or games? The answer is simple. When your muscles work in excess to achieve your fitness goals, your oxidative stress levels are increased. These increased oxidative stress levels are responsible for muscle inflammation. This is why antioxidants are known to be good supplements for muscular damage control.

What Role Does CBD For Fitness Play?

CBD has become very popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, in a pre-clinical research study, CBD has been observed to have stronger antioxidative properties than both Vitamin C and E. If this turns out to be proven true, CBD will help recover cells that have been damaged during an over oxidative process; such as a workout. Using CBD cream for back pain not only works on an anti-inflammatory level, but also prevents cells from further oxidative destruction. This protection prepares your body for the next round of workouts!

CBD Isolate? Broad-Spectrum CBD? Which Is A Better Post-Workout Recovery Agent?

The legalization of CBD on a federal level opened the door in CBD production. It also allowed more experimentation and testing. In the beginning stages of CBD,  products where limited to CBD oils. However, with these new freedoms, scientists and producers have been able to develop new CBD products. For example: terpenes, edibles, beverages, capsules, as well as CBD isolate. CBD isolate are the purest forms of Cannabidiol, and are often chosen over other forms of CBD. These CBD isolate are a favorite of vaping enthusiasts.

Should Athletes Use CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is 99.9% CBD. This is why many believe that it’s NOT a good idea for an athlete to use a CBD isolate. Broad-Spectrum CBD extracted from hemp plants is essential in helping manage pain and inflammation. In order to achieve the full anti-inflammatory powers of CBD, some would advise to use a Broad-Spectrum CBD instead of CBD isolate.

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