Ripped Games Recap With Heartland Holistics

Ripped Games Recap With Heartland Holistics

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Have you ever heard of the Ripped Games?

Here's a little Ripped Games recap...

Every year a fearless group of CrossFit athletes join together to compete in a competition of peer fitness and physical power. These athletes have one main goal! They want to see who has the mental focus and drive to rise above the rest. They want to see who among them is the modern day Hercules.

This annual competition is called “The Ripped Games” and they are perfectly named. The competitors are in amazing physical condition.

The BIG Ripped Games Recap

Ripped Games Recap

Each team competes against other teams to see who can be crowned the fittest in their respective divisions.  All 4 WODs happen within 4 hours, leaving athletes sore, bruised and tired. 

This past weekend…

In Davie, Florida Crossfit Ripped put on the annual event The Ripped Games. Over 500 athletes participated in the competition along with hundreds of spectators and vendors in attendance to encourage the athletes.

It was all organized by CrossFit enthusiast and Crossfit Ripped owner, Scott Gruebele. Davie, Florida had a perfect location called the “Bergeron Rodeo Grounds” to host the event. It’s a large rodeo ground that is converted in 24 hours to an outdoor Crossfit event space! The rodeo grounds provide enough room for the competitors, spectators and vendors to have a fun day full of sport and competition.         

Who Was The Main Vendor?

During the event, Heartland Holistics was a proud supporter and vender of the Ripped Games. Heartland Holistics provides hemp-based food additives such as 1000 mg CBD oil and CBD infused drinks. They were able to hand out samples of CBD creams and CBD oils for athletes to try for free. Plus they had the opportunity to connect with passionate CrossFitters.

2017 has been a big year for hemp-based products and CBD distributors like Heartland Holistics. The CrossFit community is now accepting hemp and CBD as a food additive. Pro athletes are very excited about the CBD Infused Coffee and CBD Terps.  CBD for athletes is a growing trend in the CrossFit community and Heartland Holistics is the leading expert in hemp products for athletes.    

What Really Happens At These “Ripped Games”?

Ripped Games Recap

A team of 2 athletes competes in 4 grueling WODs (workouts of the day). It‘s a very strenuous activity and not for the faint of heart or body:

There are 3 Categories that the teams compete in:

  1. Guy and Guy
  2. Girl and Girl
  3. Guy and Girl

There are also 4 different difficulty levels:

  1. Beginners
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
  4. Masters

As the competitors move up in difficulty, the WOD becomes tremendously challenging and it takes just as much physical strength as mental strength to finish. An athlete's most important muscle, the heart, must be “ripped” in order to power through The Ripped Games. Each WOD is timed and only gives the teams a short time to rest in between a WOD. CrossFit requires a very large amount of strength but also endurance.

What Are CrossFit Workouts Like?

CrossFit is a fast-paced sport. The workouts are back to back which leaves no room for breaks or rest. It forces these teams to maintain a high level of strength while still keeping their stamina up. Unlike bodybuilding or powerlifting, CrossFitters have strong cardio. It’s a fast-paced sport and the Ripped Games bring together top local athletes in the industry. The competition is fierce!

Heartland Holistics is looking forward to their continued support of CrossFit and the annual Ripped Games. Hemp-based CBD Terps and creams are the future for athletes! Hartland Holistics will continue to lead the way in the hemp industry.    

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