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Wake up and smell the coffee, CBD coffee for athletes, that is. We combine the all-natural anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol...
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CBD Tea (14 servings)
In the morning, in the night, our CBD tea, is always a delight! Our chamomile based tea is infused with...
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cbd coffee for athletes Sale
Daily Double Bundle
The Daily Double, your one-stop CBD bundle for our CBD infused beverages! We combine both our CBD coffee for athletes...
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Good Morning Bundle
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Start a Refreshing Morning With CBD Tea & CBD Infused Coffee & Feel Energized, The Whole Day


CBD infused Drinks for athletes


What are CBD infused drinks for athletes


CBD infused drinks for athletes are a soothing and delicious way to have a morning dose of holistic and natural CBD in a cup. Every active lifestyle needs to start the day off strong and most people love their morning coffee and tea. Imagine if you could have that same coffee or tea you love, but now infused with CBD for athletes. Heartland Holistics is making it possible to have to enjoy the same morning or late night beverages you love but now infused with a healthy, CBD option.


CBD tea for athletes


Our Heartland Holistics CBD tea for athletes is great for early mornings or late nights. It provides the calming and holistic touch that you need in all your CBD products. Our tea is a camomile based vanilla and peppermint tea.


What’s inside the CBD tea for athletes?



Our CBD tea for sale is the best on the market and never disappoints!


CBD infused coffee


Our CBD infused coffee is a quality, dark blend. The coffee is soaked in Broad-Spectrum CBD, allowing us to bring you the finest CBD coffee for sale on the market. Our goal is to always improve the quality of our CBD infused coffee beans and  Heartland Holistics takes this goal very seriously.

Why do we care?

We know just how important a great cup of coffee is to our customers and we strive to only sell the very best CBD infused coffee. Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

We offer free shipping on orders over $100 and take great pride in our fast and friendly customer service.


Be sure to check out all our CBD infused drinks and we hope you enjoy the CBD tea and coffee!